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Moberly... and Untold Stories of Singapore Polytechnic (SP)

First ever SP book to reveal pranks of students, feelings of staff, and tricks of British soldiers - who all occupied Dover Campus and the Moberly Block

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The British soldiers occupied Moberly, which was part of the Princess Mary Barracks from 1952 to 1970. Then SP moved from its Prince Edward Campus in Shenton Way to the Barracks and engineered several "makeovers" to convert the army camp into a modern campus. This book showcases the ultramodern Moberly today. Besides all the fantastic facilities in the new Student Hub@Moberly, the book also includes revelations and confessions from ex-Principals, ex-student leaders, former and present staff, the Average Joe with an axe to grind, and Drama MaMa and Plucky Papas who tried to outwit SP authorities.

So, what stories are in? Gambling, little green snakes in the loo, ghostly sightings, cat poo in Poly Centre, the early days of the Poly Band banging away in old Moberly and storing their instruments in the barracks' armoury, how Poly 50 was conceived by a group of hippies in1970, Games Tours in the 1980s, mishaps at the overseas Band Tours, student demonstrations galore, warning Rugby toughies in the 1970s, ragging rampages and battles of the sexes, long-haired tricks, pranks to keep from dozing in class, showdowns and brawls, nicknames for quirky lecturers, unforgettable campus characters, top students who battled the odds, the snags behind big events...

Also included are stories of the British soldiers who tried to make their lives in the Princess Mary Barracks a long song of fun - which included hoodwinking their superiors - to deal with homesickness. Like the time when they stole Elvis Presley's wooden cut-out from Sky Cinema and hung it from the balcony of their barracks, or the tie when someone burned a superior's boots, or when one soldier hung fully naked from the diving board of the swimming pool...Suffice it to say, all played various tricks to get out of trouble and military exercise. There is even a story on how Warren Gold Club got its name!

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