BIG Idea

About SPGG's BIG Idea business plan pitching events:

The flagship programme for SPGG's Entrepreneurship Hub pillar is the BIG Idea business plan pitching events. Five BIG Idea events have been held since early 2015, and the Entrepreneurship Hub pillar has expanded to include other entrepreneurship-related events and activities. 

The Big Idea serves as a platform where individuals or teams of entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to a panel of investors and V.I.Ps, who do more than just listen to their ideas. The panellists also play the part of judges, and comment on the financial viability of the ideas, presentation skills, and insight into the possibilities or pitfalls of the ideas themselves.

BIG Idea #1—30 April 2015
The inaugural BIG Idea saw notable names in the judging panel, and the start-ups who presented their business ideas challenged the judges to choose the one with the best BIG Idea.

BIG Idea 1

The panel judges were:

Mr Lim Peng Hun
Deputy Principal (Technology & Industry), Singapore Polytechnic

Dr Damian Tan
Chairman Entrepreneurship, SPGG

Mr David Lee
Founder/Director, Luminaries Lab Pte Ltd

Mr Daniel Tan
Founder, Let's Go Bike Singapore

Mr Nick Sim
Co-founder, Whizheartz Edu-Centre

Mr Adrian Ang
Founder, AdVantage SEO

The start-ups were:

Eat What—platform to help diners make instant reservations, and restaurants to monitor traffic patterns
PetFie—a social networking platform for pet owners in South-East Asia
Card Management—over-the-air solution for card issuers—quality content for senior readers, by volunteer writers
Pet Deluxe—organic pet feed and pet care products
Offbeat Travels—curated travels tours
Dime & Time—platform that connects companies and individuals to users who are seeking ad-hoc jobs or tasks


BIG Idea #2—23 October 2015
Seven teams pitched their BIG Ideas to a distinguished panel of investors and businessmen.

BIG Idea 2

The panel judges were:

Dato’ Ramasamy Ramesh
Chairman of Ram Investments Pte Ltd, Dato’ Ramesh is a Singapore Polytechnic alumnus, and a ‘serial’ entrepreneur.

Mr Nick Sim
Mr Sim is the Vice-President of the Singapore Polytechnic Entrepreneurs’ Club (SPEC), and also manages Whizheartz Edu-Centre, and Universal
Business Group, a talents and events management company

Mr Daniel Tan
A self-made entrepreneur, mentor, and angel investor, Mr Tan is the President of SPEC, and serves as a mentor and evaluator in Singapore Polytechnic’s Advisory Council. He is also a sought after writer and speaker.

Dr Damian Tan
Dr. Damian Tan joined Vickers in 2005 as a venture partner. He has been a Managing Director and a member of the Investment Committee as of July 2014, and has over 30 years of hands-on experience in the field of technology. He is currently the Chairman of Entrepreneurship of SPGG.

Mr Woon Junyang
Mr Woon is the CEO of Infinium Robotics, a homegrown robotics company. He has raised $750K from SPRING TECS grant for the past two years for his company . Infinium Robotics is known for its innovative solutions in the UAV sector, introducing cutting-edge solutions to traditional F&B and Logistics sectors. Infinium Robotics has been named as one of the Most Promising SME 500 companies and awarded the Top Entrepreneur award by Small and Medium Business Association (SMBA). An ex-Navy officer, he has a wife and two children.

SPH Plug & Play
SPH Plug & Play is a program that seeks media and/or technology startups looking for early-stage or seed-stage funding. They will provide the startups, who have been successful in their application for the program, with access to mentorship from both venture capitalists and media experts, as well as networking opportunities through SPH’s trove of contacts, and have access to training and resources from the media organization.

The start-ups were:

Arch Ventures
Inspired by the once-popular Internet Relay Chat communication medium, and, and online network of local interest groups, SG Interact would be an online portal set to revolutionise interaction amongst Singaporeans. The portal would feature a chatting platform, a forum, and an events calendar filled with various fun-filled activities, A mobile application would also be developed for easy use of the portal on mobile phones.
As Singapore’s only business-to-business deals marketplace with an online reach of more than 15,000 business owners, the portal offers specifically business-to-business focused deals, such as 50% discounts on name card printing, 75% discounts on website design, and even free tickets to business and networking events. Users would enjoy bulk discounts without actually having to buy in bulk. Since going into beta-stage in end-April 2015, has since generated over $13,800 worth of deals, helped its users save $25,650 worth of business essentials with a total of 78 deals redeemed, and growing!

Creative Living
After chancing upon a spin dryer for clothes during a trip to a hot-spring resort in Taiwan, Mr Benny Low was amazed by the appliance which could extract more water from clothes in less time than a typical tumble dryer. With potential high demand in schools, adventure camps, gyms, and homes, Mr Low aimed to find investors to assist him in importing the appliances to Singapore.

Project Nourish is a social enterprise that aims to provide food catered directly to the homes of the elderly and financially-needy families at affordable rates. With the rising cost of rent, foodstuff, and labour faced by food businesses, prices of food continues to escalate. A plate of chicken rice that used to cost $2 just 15 years ago now costs $3and more now. That’s an inflation rate of 50%! Project Nourish is set to work around the dynamics of food pricing, and reduce the cost of food production to the bare minimum, to produce quality food at an affordable price. Furthermore, food would be delivered directly to homes, for the convenience of its customers.

Volunteering Hearts
Many organisations suffer from a lack of manpower for organising events, and this is partly due to lack of appropriate marketing platforms suited to their budgets, as well as a lack of volunteers. The process of registering volunteers is quite tedious, and sometimes requires re-registration. First-time volunteers seeking to register themselves have no convenient one-stop directory to refer to when making their choices. Volunteering Hearts provide a platform to solve these issues with two different applications: one for organisations to post, and another for volunteers to register for different events. With just one account, volunteers can register for any events on the application with a few clicks. Volunteering Hearts hope to unite start a community of passionate volunteers, and hope to inspire
more people to volunteer

Visual Mass
Visual Mass was founded on the belief that design-conscious eyewear need not cost an arm and a leg. Good-looking and good-quality glasses can go hand-in-hand with a good price. Its aim is to revolutionise the eyewear industry by creating value for both its customers and the
larger community.

At the end of the evening, the teams were awarded Certificates of Participation, with particular consideration going to Visual Mass for its well-thought idea and business plan. Before presenting tokens of appreciation to the panellists, Dato’ Ramesh gave an impassioned speech about the rise of entrepreneurs and investors. 

The evening concluded with the pitching teams and the panellists networking with each other, and some of the teams were fortunate to be introduced to the panellists’ personal networks of businesspeople and investors.


BIG Idea #3—21 April 2016
The third BIG Idea was an exciting event, with much interaction between the panel of judges and the start-ups.

BIG Idea 3

The start-ups were:

Dr Damian Tan
Executive Committee Member of SPGG, with the portfolios of Chairman of Entrepreneurship, and Co-Chairman of Social Responsibility, and he is also the Managing Director of Vickers Venture Partners. He has over 30 years of experience in the fields of IT, and has extensive project management experience in large, complex technology projects worldwide.

Dato' Ramasamy Ramesh
Executive Committee Member of SPGG, and Chairman of Ram Investments Pte Ltd. He is a nautical studies graduate of Singapore Polytechnic, and a serial angel investor.

Mr Daniel Tan
Business consultant, mentor, and angel investor to young entrepreneurs.

Mr Rudy Lim
Head of Accelerator at SPH Plug-and-Play, and is in charge of conceptualising and developing new business models to generate fresh revenue streams across SPH media and engagement platforms: print, digital, radio, outdoor and events.

Mr Winston Ng
Regional Head of Education, Training & Partnerships at Maybank Kim Eng, and, he designs platforms and systems that help investors across Asia learn how to invest and trade better and safely. He is also the bestselling author of “The Lunchtime Trader” amd “A Profitable Guide to Technical Analysis”. He regularly speaks at financial conventions and contributes articles in publications across Asia.

The start-ups were:

• Altitude Strategic—improving Small-and-Medium productivity through technology consulting 
• CultureEats—web platform where users can showcase their culinary skills, and host foodies
• Dengue Protection—mosquito control using a unique water feature
• FitCabana—style-oriented fitness apparel marketplace
• Portal Phenom—business solutions consultancy


BIG Idea #4—1 December 2016

Eight start-ups squared off in front of a panel of tough investors and experienced entrepreneurs, and pitched their business ideas, in the hopes of turning their BIG Ideas into reality.

BIG Idea 4

The start-ups were:
Ascendant Miricur
Inovation Park
Perfect Attire
Trainers at Your Time

Despite the intense competition, and the many excellent ideas that were pitched, the BIGGEST Idea eventually went to YoloPay. The start-up's idea was to use an app to help families manage and spend their money responsibly, by empowering parents with better control processes and provide insights to manage their households better through their own 'banking' platform.

The evening ended with a post-event networking session between the start-ups, judges, and the audience.


BIG Idea #5—8 June 2017

The Guild’s fifth BIG Idea was held at the Bluebell Room, and the audience witnessed five startups from various industries pitch their ideas to a panel of judges, and investors in the audience.

BIG Idea 5

The five start-ups and their pitches were:
Capital Cranes Global Pte Ltd—innovative construction tower cranes
Bttrigtical Pte Ltd—precise measurement of water in static crude oil
K. Godfroy Cosmetics—high-quality cosmetics for professional men and women in their mid-20s to 40s
ToursOnTheWeb—scalable internet software for complex itineraries of tours, activities, and cruises
weweprotect—peer-to-peer insurance

The winner was Ms Kathleen Godfroy from K. Godfroy Cosmetics. Her pitch offered cosmetics which had high-quality ingredients which were rich
in pigments, waterproof, smudge-free, and longlasting, and were FDA and halal-certified, and not tested on animals. The cosmetics were clinically
tested and had no reports of skin allergies.

The three judges were Mr Daniel Tan (President of Singapore Polytechnic Entrepreneurs’ Club), Mr Prashant Chainani (Managing Director of Royal Academy Pte Ltd), and Mr Cesare Tagliaferri (Chief Technology Office of The Stakeholder Company).

The event would not have been a success without the support of the SP Entrepreneurs’ Club, the Angel Investment Network, Leighton Nielsen, The Stakeholder Company, Tri5 Ventures, and The French Cellar, and the members who attended the event.


Entrepreneurship as a Career—19 May 2017

Together with AppElit (an iOS and Android app developer), and other partners, the Guild co-organised an event aimed at tertiary students from polytechnics and junior colleges, where the topic was about considering entrepreneurship as a career, instead of taking the standard path of


Participants were given insight and motivation to consider starting their own businesses, and expanded their peer network, with talks from guests speakers from several successful start-ups and accelerators such as Flying Cape, Shopmatic, Entreport Asia, Beam, and Reactor.


Why Entrepreneurship, and the Importance of Business Models for Start-ups

Co-organised by SPGG, Singapore Polytechnic’s SPiNOFF (SP Innovation Office), EDGE (Empower, Develop and Groom Entrepreneurs) Society, and SPSEC (SP Student Entrepreneurs Club), this dialogue attracted youth entrepreneurs and first-time investors to hear first-hand about the challenges of working with co-founders, perseverance, and investors’ expectations from a panel of speakers.

Why Entrepreneurship

The speakers were from Bow for Bold—an innovative company focused on creating sturdy and stylish products for active consumers; and a managing partner of Quest Ventures—a leading venture fund for companies with scalability and replicability in large internet communities. A video of the dialogue is available on SPGG’s Facebook at