Golf Passion

Golf Passion

Since the Golf Passion Group's (GPG) launch in December 2015, we've had several golf games—locally, and 'abroad'!

1. Golf Passion Group Inaugural Tee Off—12 December 2015


Trying a hand at a hole-in-one



At Champions Golf in Bukit Timah


2. Ang Pow Golf at Marina Bay Golf Course—19 February 2016

Ang Pow Golf-02


3. 18-Hole Golf at Raffles Country Club—19 May 2016

Post-RCC game dinner at SPGG
Players attending the post-game dinner at SPGG's The Restaurant


3. Golf Clinic at Marina Bay Golf Course—11 November 2016

Golf Clinic 2016
On the green with the city skyline in the background


4. Morning Golf in Johor, Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort—28 April 2017

A beautiful morning game in perfect weather

Watch this space for more updates!
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