Youth Chapter

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The SPGG Youth Chapter aims to create a platform where tireless and enterprising youths can converge upon and express themselves amongst the company of like-minded peers – fundamentally being a community created by youths, for youths.

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Past Events

Spook Night: Halloween Edition—1 November 2014

The Halloween edition of Spook Night saw a group of about 30 SPGG members and friends gathered to explore the darkness that awaited them. This was a follow-up from the previous Spook Night in July 2014. Participants came dressed as ghouls, witches, and zombies, and had some fun coming out of the bushes to scare unwitting passerbys.

Spook Night 1

As midnight approached in Bukit Brown, each person was given a map to look for checkpoints, such as an old well, an old watering area, and also a caretaker's house. Their final destination was Kampong Lorong Buangkok, which was established in 1956, and is now the last surviving kampong on mainland Singapore.


Spook Night—26 July 2014

Nobody sleeps more soundly than the dead. Or so they say.

27 participants went to Spook Night, which included a horror film screening followed by a night trail conducted by Asia Paranormal Investigators (API). It was also the eve of the Hungry Ghost Festival, when the gates of hell would open and spirits of the dead would wander among the living for a month.


Once midnight struck, the group—armed with torchlights—started to make their way to the first location known as Dead Man's Village. They were greeted by burning candles and paper offerings from “chao du”, a salvation ritual and act of compassion, specifically for lost and forgotten spirits
which was held earlier that night. Participants walked through unlit trails, tombs and abandoned houses. They also stopped to learn about Ang
Seah Im, who was a Chinese community leader with businesses in mining, rice, rubber, trading. Seah Im Road was named after him.

Next, participants headed to Seah Im Road carpark, where behind the thick forested foliage, lies a narrow tunnel which led to a hidden World War II bunker. Those who dared to enter the gecko-infested ground were instructed to stand apart from each other in silence and pitch-darkness, while Mr Charles from API called out for any spirits in the bunker to make their presence known by touching any one of them.


Beer Appreciation—20 May 2016

With representatives from Sapporo beer—courtesy of the Prince Edward Lounge—the participants of the Beer Appreciation evening were treated to a spread of Japanese-inspired cuisine, and had complimentary bottles of Sapporo beer.

Beer Appreciation 2016

During the evening meal, the participants were treated to a presentation of Sapporo's history, and how the beer was made. The evening was far from over, though; it continued in the Prince Edward Lounge with more Sapporo beer, and participants partied the night away.


Give a Little, Help a Lot—10 December 2016, and 14 January 2017

Since June of 1988, the Apex Club of Singapore (Bukit Timah) has been involved in the Redhill Block 89 Food Distribution Programme, and supports over 280 elderly residents.

DSC01754 00

SPGG’s Youth Chapter got into the act, and helped to raise funds from SPGG members to purchase additional food parcels—in the form of rice, fruits, vegetables, and 3-in-1 Milo® drinks. The initial target of food parcels was 250, but due to the overwhelming response, 307 parcels were prepared. Together with student volunteers from Singapore Polytechnic, the parcels were distributed on 10 December 2016, and 14 January 2017.

The Apex Club is managed and operated entirely by volunteers, with no expenditure on administration and manpower costs. For the Food Distribution Programme, volunteers are needed to help with the distribution and home delivery of groceries to the elderly, home interviews for potential beneficiaries, and organise outings for the elderly.


Inviting Lunar 2018—13 January 2018

SPGG’s Youth Chapter, Singapore Polytechnic’s (SP) Department of Student Affairs and Alumni Relations (SA), and SP student volunteers came together to give the seniors from Calvary Community Care (C3) a rousing Chinese New Year celebration in the Grand Ballroom.

Inviting Lunar 2018

Using the donations received from SPGG members, the elderly guests from C3 were treated to a delicious meal, and entertained with activities and games, such as calligraphy, and a Chinese New Year version of charades.

The event would not have been complete without Cai Shen Ye making an appearance. The god of fortune made his way around the tables, and presented each elderly guest with a hong bao and a goodie bag.

The event was an enormous success, thanks to the team efforts of everyone involved.